Support Services

As the adage goes, the devil is in the details. With our experience managing projects and working with customers, we have developed a strong knowledge of all the little things that tend to be overlooked during a project planning phase, but become extremely critical elements that become visible once projects begin. Whether it is managing the facility or ensuring there is fuel, power & accommodation, here at Logistex, we support on all of those fronts – hence the name Support Services!

Facility Management

We provide support to manage your facility operations

Operations & Maintenance

We provide regular maintenance on your machinery and equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly

Logistics Advisory Services

We help assist in coordinating all aspects of your supply chain operations


We provide routine clean-up services at your locations

Camp Services

We can provide temporary accommodations for your on-site teams

Value-Added Services

We provide a variety of additional value-added services to take care of all of your business needs. Ask our team to find out more